zaterdag 31 mei 2008

I regret buying GH3 for PC and want my money back.


No support..
No downloadable content, so no new songs..

The game has been out for over 6 months now on pc and the only way to get new (or old GH songs) is to basicly go illegal and download stuff of off bittorrent..
Way to go !!!, is this what you want !!!

I was actually becoming a big fan of GH, but this is it.
I cancelled my pre-order for GH Aerosmith (was very excited about this) and will not buy anything until they get their acts together and start giving support for the pc version (actually i might not buy anything even if they do, it's too little too late).

I have all versions of GH for the PS 2 i even bought a Kramer wireless for the PS2, and i can live with the fact of not having online stuff for this as i knew i wouldn't get any, but i bought GH3 for the PC because i love gaming on my pc and i sort of expected to get support and downloadable content for it.
And i am not getting anything GH for my Xbox360, as i am not willing to spend even more money on it, if i wanted 360 stuff i would have bought it in the first place.

Congrats Activision/Aspyr you just lost a customer/fan (EDITED.. there was some more stuff here that on second thought i decided not to post)

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