zaterdag 24 mei 2008

What have i been up to??

Well haven't been blogging in some time, mostly due to the fact that there wasn't much to blog about, been having migraine headaches for the last couple of weeks, so not much gaming.
The few times that i wasn't down with migraine headaches i was playing Grand Theft Auto 4 on the xbox360, i got really hooked to this game, just awesome!!


I never played any of the previous GTA's so i guess it was extra cool for me :)
Some people have been recommending me to get GTA San Andreas as they think it's better than GTA4,so i have ordered it on PC.

I also recieved my collectors edition of Age of Conan (looks awesome btw), so i am hoping to get into some gaming there, if i can get myself away from GTA4 that is :)

Also in "preparation for Age of Conan, i started playing Conan on the Xbox360, having fun slashing away.


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