woensdag 9 april 2008

Pile 'em up!


It's always fun, when the last shots are fired to go out and see the bodies piled up around the base you were just defending and a great fealing to be victorious against a large number of enemies, when during the fighting you had doubts about winning this because they just keep comming.

So, yeah i had lots of fun defending Ortho Post against the bane attacks, despite my framerate dropping to around 10 fps the whole time i was in incline.

I also reached level 30 on Mila Endelienta, so she is now an exobiologist, i also cloned and created Worrals Endelienta, who is now a medic.
I haven't really played with any of the exobiologist abilities, so i can't say yet how much fun they are, still need to get a few logos but i allready spend some points in my new abilities, like clone, cadaver immolation and reanimation. For the last two abilities i still need to get a logos (spirit and death) and i need to get the vortex logos for my signature reanimation wave, they all look like awesome abilities and can't wait to try them out.

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