vrijdag 11 april 2008

This is getting out of hand! Now, there are two of them!


Went back to Palisades with my Exobiologist to finish up with all missions that i have not done yet, which are quite a lot since i had been mostly grinding to reach lvl 30, so been taking missions left and right, still at lvl 30, since the missions are all a lot lower in level than i am so, not much xp.
But i have been having a lot of fun doing them, well most that is :)
There are still missions that are somewhat annoying, especially if you have to do them for a second time (or more) as i have allready done all missions with my Sniper and some with my other chars aswell.
I have not done any instances yet, as most of them take quite some time to complete and i really want to take my time for them and not have to rush through them.

Also been having lots of fun with my new (exobiologist) abilities, being able to clone yourself is fun and a little help, although sometimes you want to be a little "stealthy" and the clone would just start attacking resulting in a lot of agro, while most of the time the clone just runs beside you not doing anything, the clone will mostly attack a target i am shooting at not any of the others that are shooting at me, which can be annoying, especially if you didn't want to attack that large group with two bosses in them.
Cadaver immolation is a lot of fun, especially at CP defense, blowing up enemy bodies and causing lots of damage to surrounding enemies is great for xp and also helps dealing with larger groups of enemies:)

Reanimation is fun, it's fun running around with a Kael besides you as a pet, although many players tend to start shooting at it :)

I still have to get the Vortex Logos for Reanimation wave (signature ability), which sounds like fun, but for now i just want to get all my missions done in Palisades and move on to the next area.

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