donderdag 10 april 2008

Science Fiction or Fantasy MMO ?

I've been looking forward to Age of Conan for quite some time now.
However looking at my recent (or alltime) gaming history on xfire (since 2005) i am starting to have doubts on whether this is a game for me.
Looking at the hours i put into games and how much i like playing them, i'd have to say science fiction/ modern day MMO's are the games i have played to most, games like SWG, Matrix and Tabula Rasa and the Age of Conan is more of a fantasy game, sure i play some fantasy mmo's, but not as much as SF and i do feel i have more fun playing SF type mmo's.

Maybe i should be looking more towards games like The Secret World, which are more of a modern day/SF type game.
I guess i like (ingame) guns and aliens more than swords and elves.

Currently i am enjoying Tabula Rasa so much, i can't remember the last time i had so much fun playing an mmo, or maybe i do, that would be SWG, i started playing that shortly after launch and it was my main mmo for a few years, i only "stopped" playing that after NGE when i had done most quests and there wasn't much to do, the new content (heroic encounters) is great but practicly impossible to solo with my lvl 90 smuggler/beast master (yes i like playing solo in an mmo, bite me!) so it only frustrates me and i hardly play it anymore.

I do occasionally like playing a game like LOTRO (i even have a lifetime subscription for that), Vanguard or some of the other fantasy mmo's and i have fun, but recently, thinking about my gaming i'd have to say so far there are two mmo's that really got me excited about playing, the type of mmo that you can't wait to get home to and start playing and that used to be SWG and is now Tabula Rasa.

I will probably try out Age of Conan and i will probably play it like crazy for the first few weeks or maybe months, but then it will probably follow the path of most of my other mmo's and i will play less and less and i will end up only logging in a few hours a month or less, as i do now with LOTRO, Vanguard, EQ, EQ2 and so on.
Of course having SOE's Station Access is great and that lifetime subscription with LOTRO won't cost me anything monthly, that way i can still log in to most of these games and play them if i feel like it, but is it worth getting another game with a full subscription if i allready know i will probably hardly play it a few months down the line.

Unfortianatly it doesn't look like there are many SF mmo's on the horizon, maybe i should check in (or should i say jack in) with Matrix Online instead..

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