zondag 19 oktober 2008

Age of Conan seems to be OK

Age of Conan
A little while ago i said in a post i would no longer play Age of Conan.
I had recieved an email saying my gametime was up.
However yesterday i decided to check on my account and to my surprise it was still active, it still had about 4 days left so i decided to update and check the game out.

Much to my surprise i had no crashes or problems at all, i played for 3 hours straight!
Looks like they actually fixed the OOM errors, well at least i didn't get any in those 3 hours nor did my maps turn grey or anything.
Might be time to get out that gamecard and keep playing it.

I took Morenn my barbarian to do some quests in the Tarantia Noble District and had a lot of fun, also gained another level and she is now lvl 48.

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