donderdag 30 oktober 2008

Dead Space: Crashfest

Dead Space

Been playing a bit of Dead Space on the PC.
So far played a little more than 2 hours, just passed the first chapter and allready experienced 4 crashes...
All crashes seem to happen while working with the workbenches or the store and of course those crashes mean losing all my progress, so having to start all over again from the last save.

Looks like another "solid" EA product.

Also feel the controls really suck on the pc version.
It's an interresting game but so far my experience is not one of fun and in my opinion the reviews (so far) seem to be way to good (maybe a bit too much hype??)

I am going to try play this game a bit more and hopefully my feelings about this game will change, but if it keeps crashing i doubt i will keep playing it, i've allready had enough of it for today and i've played maybe about 30 minutes.

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