zaterdag 4 oktober 2008

Quasso Station: Thunderhead

Tabula Rasa: Quasso Station
Cynheiddon today saw some action in Quasso Station in Thunderhead, a fun instance that can be quite tough. Find the right switches and it becomes a bit easier :)
I didn't spend as much time in here as i did with my previous instance, but it's still a fun instance.

And with this instances there is only one left... the Atta colony..., man i hate Atta's :)

I am getting pretty close to lvl 50 (about 49.5 now) and for now i have gone to the only map that has missions left for me, which is Howling Maw.
Once i am done here i have a few loose ends left with several ToO's on different maps, most of them i still have to find a boss or two and i might have to do a couple of instances here or there, but mostly i'll be done with my sniper.

On the one hand it'll be cool to reach 50 but on the other hand it feels a bit dissapointing as there won't be any missions left, so no more adventures :)

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