maandag 8 december 2008

Bring down the sky

MassEffect 2008-12-07 17-22-53-64

Got kind of bored with KOTOR 2, somehow i just didn't like it as much as KOTOR 1, i guess the storyline just didn't "capture" me, so i decided to get Mass Effect instead :)
I allready played it on the Xbox but i am really a PC gamer, don't like playing long sessions on the Xbox.
So i went to D2D and got Mass Effect, it was a lot cheaper (almost half the price) than getting it in the shop.

So far i am having a lot of fun playing, it was an awesome game on the Xbox but i think it's a lot better on PC :)
Also got the downloadable content, "Bring down the sky" for free with the order

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