zondag 14 december 2008

Finishing Mass Effect and Broadcasting my gaming sessions.

MassEffect 2008-12-10 18-29-18-09

Went through Mass Effect for the first time, really loving it.
Started another run right after finishing it the first time.

Also finally found out why the Xfire broadcasting didn't work for me...
Apperantly Xfire doesn't work too well if you have Fraps running, have to exit Fraps to be able to broadcast through Xfire, major bummer...

So now that i have that working you might be able to see me game live, just goto www.hauntshade.net and it will forward you to my Xfire broadcast page and you can see if i am broadcasting or not.
The first time you visit this page it will ask you to install a plugin to be able to see the video though.
I have been watching some broadcasts and been broadcasting myself and have to say it works great and awesome quality, a lot better than the way i did before using Ustream.

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