vrijdag 2 oktober 2009

No more levels please, lemme go where i wanna go!

Red Faction Guerilla

Lately i have been having a lot of fun in single player, open world type of games, like Red Faction Guerilla, Mercenaries 2 (on Xbox as PC version is a very poor buggy port).
I really enjoy the fact that it is not really level based and you can go wherever you want, unlike MMO's where, if you do that you are likely to end up in a zone where the mobs could be like 10 levels above you and kill you instantly or you get to zones where you can't take any of the quests because your level is too low.

I often like to do basicly nothing in a game and just go out and explore, i really hate having to go and unlock certain parts of the world (like GTA4) and being forced to follow the main story to do so.

I am really starting to get annoyed by gameplay that restricts me from doing stuff because i am not the "appropriate" level.
If i see a huge world i just wanna go out and explore it and if i feel like it i'll pick up a quest or two along the way and be distracted by another while on a quest. I enjoy getting "lost" in a game, i feel that really helps to immerse myself in a game.

So yeah lately i am really more into playing these single player games than MMO's... Can't wait to start playing Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2..

Oh yeah, stay away from the PC version of Mercenaries 2, i love this game and it works great on the Xbox but on PC it just isn't playable (for me), i have a pretty high end machine but i can't play it without the game stuttering/freezing/hanging, just by doing nothing in the game, with all settings to the lowest possible i see the game drop from over 260 FPS to 10 FPS and even freezing for several seconds and from what i can tell by googleing it has been a problem since the game released on PC in 2008!!! so it looks like there is no support for the PC version.
I recommend it for the console but the PC version is a waste of money :(

Red Faction Guerilla on the other hand works perfectly, i got it of off Steam and it instantly worked even with my unusual 3840x1024 screen resolution, without having to change any settings, in other words a perfect console to PC port!

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