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It's all about the combat

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My recent blogpost got me thinking and this part specificly.
True, the combat may be the big draw to M&B, because they absolutely did things "right", but the other features are a lot of fun as well.

Isn't this true about MMO's as well ?
I mean combat is usually what MMO's are about, it's all covered up with some quest text, but most of the time it comes down to killing a bunch of mobs.
Well, in Mount & Blade, most of the time you are fighting (killing mobs), true there is not much questing involved, but you are fighting for a goal. You are fighting for your kingdom or as a Vassal for a king, so there's your story.

In MMO's they'll tell you to go get ten ratskins to make some piece of armor, but it comes down to killing mobs. So what's the difference, apart from Mount & Blade being mostly singleplayer (Warband has multiplayer), i'd say not much it all comes down to fighting/killing mobs.
OIf course for an MMO the community behind is also important, but when the combat is boring, i doubt many people will keep playing despite a great community.

I find the combat in Mount & Blade to be so much fun, nothing beats the feeling of charging towards the enemy on your horse swinging that sword, trying to get that swing just right to hit the enemy, and as a result actually seing myself moving in my chair to try and compensate the swing if i feel i am not doing it right, not that it helps but that's just how much i get involved with the fighting.
So far i have to say i am still not bored with the fighting, it keeps being fun, every encounter is different, different in opponent size, different in kind of enemies (archers, infantry, cavalry), sieging castles and what i really enjoy is not hearing any of the BS standard questlines, you just fight for your cause, your kingdom or your king.

So there isn't much story in Mount & Blade, it would be nice to have a huge story behind it and a lot of lore but in the end it is all about the fighting/killing and if a game gets that "right" i think it's a winner.

Now if someone could "just make" Mount & Blade into an MMO, i am pretty sure it will be a winner.

So mount up and make us that MMO!!

(Allright i'll keep dreaming)

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