zondag 25 april 2010

Rise of the Godslayer

So we finally have a date (May 11th) on Rise of the Godslayer expansion for AoC.
I had allready pre-ordered the new expansion quite some time ago so i was kind of surprised to see this email message from Funcom:

Really think it is nice to get the option to upgrade my pre-order to the collectors edition, which wasn't available at the time i pre-ordered.
This isn't the first time i see this happen where i pre-order an expansion as soon as it's available only to see them come out with special/collectors editions later and i really hate having to go through the trouble of cancelling my order and then get the other one.

Needles to say i did take the offer since it was only a few euros extra and it also gave me 2 cool looking pets, and as you can read in the email they're also usefull pets as one bufs you and the other helps in fighting (can only have one out at the time though).
Can't wait to see what those tatoos look like :)
And the coolest part i get them for all my characters.

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  1. And you get some of the new stuff now, before the expansion is even out. Woot!