zaterdag 10 april 2010

Mount & Blade: Warband

mb_warband 2010-04-08 16-25-27-52

I haven't been writing much on here lately, but that is mostly due to playing Mount & Blade: Warband.
The original, Mount & Blade was allready addicting and a lot of fun but this one is even better, since it released i haven't played anything else, i wanted to but i just couldn't quit playing M&B Warband :)

Looking at graphics you wouldn't expect much but man is the combat in this game addicting, i just can't get enough of it.
True, the combat may be the big draw to M&B, because they absolutely did things "right", but the other features are a lot of fun as well.
Currently i have started my own kingdom and let me tell you it is tough, but lots of fun.

I claimed the original Mount & Blade my game of the year, and i am pretty close to calling Mount & Blade: Warband my game of the year for 2010!

In other words, i probably won't be playing any other games for a while :)

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