donderdag 31 maart 2011

STO: Enjoying the Foundry

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I have really been enjoying Star Trek Online this week.
The Feature Episodes are really awesome to play through and although the standard explore and defend missions are still boring i am really enjoying this game again.

With the recent Foundry missions being added to the game, which is basicly user generated content the game takes a whole different turn, i can see a lot of fun coming to this game and it definatly adds a lot to the endgame and gives a lot of more interesting stuff to do between feature episodes.

I have only done a few Foundry missions so far and a couple of them have been a lot of fun.
So i can really recommend trying out some of these Foundry missions.

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The only thing i constantly feel like doing is talk to my companions and try build a "relationship" with them, especially when i visit my bridge, i guess i am really getting used to the Bioware approach and i somehow miss the fact that i can't in Star Trek, as in STO they are basicly just pets, you can tell them to attack, stay or give them commands to use certain abilities but that's it.

My character is slowly moving through the ranks and is now a Captain 4, has allready got her new ship an Exploration Cruiser, really a nice (and big) ship to see.
I have to say i was somewhat worried about reaching endgame too soon and have nothing to do but exploration missions or daily missions while wait for Feature Episodes, but with the new Foundry i am pretty sure there will be plenty of stuff to do.

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  1. Whoa, that's an awesome uniform style you've got going for your crew -- I might have to, er, borrow it!

  2. LOL, yeah it looks pretty cool :)
    They're wearing the Seven of Nine top, TOS nurse skirt and TOS stockings and boots.

    Although i do tend to change costumes out a lot but this combination is definatly one of my favorites.