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Bethesda games: It's all about community

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I have been playing a lot of Fallout New Vegas lately, and as usual i developed a love/hate relation with the game.
Some time ago i stopped playing because i got tired of the crashes, however, the urge to play FNV always comes up again..

It bothers me that a game can be so "crash happy", and to say it's the mods i use that's causing it, is a bit too much.
I won't deny that mods can cause crashes and i am sure some of my crashes were probably caused by them.
This does however not change the fact that when i started playing FNV for the first time, without any mods whatsoever, it crashed within the first 15 mins of the game (talking about a warm welcome), so this was definatly not caused by any mods.

Doing a Google search on Fallout gives a ton of results on crashes/freezes etc.
I find it pretty wierd that this gets through QA, either they don't care or they don't do QA testing.
It's almost as if they are counting on the community to fix their problems, and the community does exactly that and more.

It's the awesome community behind the games (Fallout 3, Fallout NV, Oblivion, Skyrim) that make these games as great as they are, without the community behind them the games would be forgotten pretty quick.

Imagine Blizzard or BioWare releasing a game as buggy as Oblivion, Fallout etc, there would be riots, yet the communty seems to forgive Bethesda for it.
Sure these games are awesome sandbox games and with the community made mods and improvements there's unlimited gameplay.
I have seen so many mods and game improvements out there that are way better than what the game devs put in the games themself, sometimes i really wonder if the game is just rushed to get it out and make money, they know it's going to sell because there's a huge community behind their games.

I have to admit, so far for me Skyrim does appear to be more stable and i have had only a few crashes/bugs, but i can't wait until the dev kit is released and we can see some real improvements to the game.

Sure Bethesda i forgive you, although i often feel like pulling my hairs out when i encounter yet another bug/crash, i'll keep playing until i am tired of the crashes, then i'll ragequit.... and be back for more later.

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