maandag 30 januari 2012

Fallen Earth: Get to the chopper!

Fallen Earth

I have been going through my old email and found some emails from Fallen Earth with codes for some free stuff, i have always been subbed to the game eventhough i hardly played it.
Think i took a full year subscription since launch, anyway since i was still subbed i got some free stuff when the game went free to play.

Going through those emails i actually had the urge to, first get that free stuff (hey it's free) and second play the game again.
So i logged in and played for some time.
I still think it's a pretty good game and i like the atmosphere, however i still can't get used to the combat, it still feels "off" to me.
Maybe i am too spoiled by other games, but it just doesn't click with me.

There are still some combat problems that look familiar to me as they were allready there during the beta and some rubberbanding problems.
But since Fallen Earth is now F2P i think those issues are not that bad, cause for a F2P it is actually a pretty good game.

Having been away from the game for some time i really needed some time getting back into it, personally i think they over complicated some things as the game is really not that intuitive.

The free stuff is actually quite cool, especially the spiked chopper and yes that outfit, pimpin it out :)

Fallen Earth is really one of those games that i like but just not play that often.
And i almost forgot, they also have that pretty cool iphone app, that you can use to log into the game and check your character, check your mail, do some crafting, do auction house stuff and chat, pretty cool for a F2P game.

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