zaterdag 17 december 2011

That's no ship, that's my home!

After questing on Coruscant for some time i finally reached the stage were i had no more quests left other than that final class quest, the one were i get my ship back (which is stolen from me at the start of the game).

I had tried that quest before but the end boss had been too tough for me to beat, but after finishing the last couple of heroic quests that were left and reaching level 16 i was finally able to beat him.

And it was an awesome sight to see those big doors slide open and get the first sight of my ship.

See my character walk up to it

And take one good look at the ship

And she is a beauty

Feels good to be back home

And we are off "to worlds unknown" :)

I really enjoyed this moment, it was a really nice scene and am glad i managed to get a couple of screenies.

Definatly feels good to be leaving Coruscant, and i have to say they didn't overdo it, it was just long enough, or i should say short enough to not get boring.
Personally i tend to get bored if i am questing in the same area for too long.

Anyways now it is off to Taris and see what that will bring me.
I have allready set foot on Taris and it looks awesome.

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