dinsdag 7 februari 2012

SWTOR: Burning Sensation

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Finally got some time in to play SWTOR again and hit 27 on my smuggler.
I do have to say that how much fun the first 10 levels were it feels more and more frustrating since hitting level 25.
Maybe i am doing something wrong and messed up with my character skills, but often even the solo missions turn out quite difficult towards the end, and result in many trial and errors, meaning lots of dying. Very frustrating.

More often than not i have really big problems beating some of the "end bosses" of the solo missions and i can't imagine it was designed this way, i really hate to group up for solo missions, i don't mind for the heroics, as they are intended to be group missions.

I also tried soloing the Hammer station flashpoint, i could manage the dungeon until the first boss and there was just no way for me to beat him, the trash mobs were very easy (i am 10 levels about requirement) and i could have solo'd them but the first boss is a whole different story.
I really hate it, when there's no way to beat a boss especially if you are way above the level, it's almost like i am hardly doing any damage whatsoever yet they hit like a truck.

Maybe i have played too many single player games lately and have been spoiled :)

Anyways i am gonna try and stick with it, i really wanna finish the smuggler class storyline and definitely wanna play through the other class stories as i really think there's some awesome stories in there.
So hopefully i am able to get through these frustrations before i get burned out on SWTOR.

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