zondag 11 maart 2012

Back on the Normandy and it feels great!

Like many people on my Raptr friends list i have been playing Mass Effect 3.
And so far despite some initial problems, like the first message that greeted me the first time i launched ME3.
This was eventually fixed by using "repair install" on the "From Ahses" DLC in Origin, another message that popped up during character creation, or rather the character import.
That of course annoyed me even more, this message means to me that i am playing with a character that looks a bit like my Shepard (after some alterations) but isn't really my FemShep..

Another annoying feature is that you apperantly need an online connection to play the game in singleplayer as during one of my cutscenes i recieved this message
And yes it threw me out of the game and i could only continue after i managed to get my connection back up and running.

But enough with the bad stuff as Mass Effect 3 is still an awesome game and it feels really great to be back on the Normandy fighting the reapers and seeing my buddies again :)
I did however changed the difficulty on the gameplay to casual, i did ME1 and 2 on normal, cause i never was a good FPS gamer :)
However i think that combat in ME3 has evolved as a shooter and i definitely have not :)
Maybe i am just too old or don't have the skills needed to be good at this stuff, but after the first couple of missions where combat was sometimes frustrating i changed the difficulty level to narrative, personally i really enjoy this difficulty setting, it lets me focus more on the story than on combat, still some of the "boss" fights can be hard, but most of the time i am just blasting through the combat.

I have always enjoyed the story in Mass Effect more than the combat and always felt the combat was only there to forward the story, so i guess that's why i enjoy the narrative setting a lot more.

It's been really awesome to see some of the consequences of my actions in ME1 and 2.
It's really awesome to suddenly meet someone that you apperantly saved in one of the previous games and have a chat with them.

I really think BioWare has done a great job on Mass Effect 3 and i am really enjoying the story, so far i think i am about 18 hours into the game and the journey has been great, i can't wait to see what the game has in store for me :)

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