woensdag 28 maart 2012

SimPort leading to nowhere.

For the last days (almost a week now) i have been trying to get further with the SimPort stuff.

So far i had one (!) succesfull host, where a friend showed up in my town to do a show, but for days now, not a single show works. I can't accept a friends request, nothing happens or the sim just doesn't show up.

As far as my own sims on tour, my singer has had 3 succesfull shows, my acrobat 0.
I keep sending them off to do tours but it always ends up with a message like, your friend missed the show or your sim took a wrong turn or some other bullshit, resulting in no rewards/stamps.

In short SimPort seems bugged like hell.

I have been going through the forums to find some solution or just find something that might be causing this, but other than finding more and more posts with the same kind of problems i am having there is nothing to find.
I find it disturbing that it looks like the devs (or Gurus) just don't seem to care, there is hardly any post to be found by a guru, let alone a helpfull one.
Trying to find out if there are any known issues with SimPort is just as hard and comes up with very little helpfull info.

I also find it very funny that in a bug thread a guru is actually recommending to use a THIRD party mod to help with some of the bugs, i mean it is awesome that there are actually mods out there that fix stuff, but come on, they should be fixing this not telling you to just use some third party mods...

Maybe i should not be so surprised, afterall this is EA, everything they touch goes bad.
For once i would like to see some new sims expansion without any problems, i was hoping that showtime would be that one, but i once again got burned..

I am still playing the Sims, but i am awefully close to just quit and never touch the Sims again.

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