zaterdag 24 maart 2012

Is this really the end? Another ending post.

There might be some spoilers ahead if you haven't finished Mass Effect 3!!!

I won't go into to many details about the ending of ME3 as i think that's allready been beaten to death by now, and besides Anjin over at Bullet Points pretty much sums it up in the post "Random Shots: The Infamous Ending", so i recommend reading that.
Besides the choice of ending (i went left for i think what was called Synthesis) that post pretty much sums up how i feel about the ending.
I ended up pretty much staring at the end credits rolling by wondering WTH just happened and what that was all about, the ending felt so out of place and was very confusing.

Don't get me wrong i love Mass Effect and i love Mass Effect 3, all was awesome right up until the end. The battle for London was epic right up until you meet the catalyst, that's where it all went down.

I didn't mind that fact that Shepard died as that is probably a suitable ending but the way it was done felt really "out of place" as there was no mention of this kind of stuff during the entire series.
Personally i don't know what to feel about the ending as i am still wondering what the hell happened, what was it what my Shepard actually achieved/did. Was it good or bad?? To me it really felt like you were given the option to choose between the lesser of three evils.

What added to the confusion was that i initially didn't know what i actually did, after listening through the entire story (which was a pretty long story) the catalyst tells you, i was confused as to what the 3 different consoles/options actually did or rather which was which, like i said i went left but there was no way of telling what it was, there was no text or anything hovering above the consoles when you selected them, so i really didn't know what option i actually took until i started looking at YouTube videos of the different endings and noticed that i did in fact took the synthesis ending.

I did feel like the ending i took was closest to what my Shepard tried to achieve (my Shepard, saved the Geth, brought the Geth and Quarians together and actually encouraged Joker and EDI) but i am still left with a feeling of what the hell happened, there's is no clear way of seeing what the results were of your actions (besides the mass relays blowing up), no real closure to the story. Another confusing thing was that you see Joker in the end crash landing the Normandy on some planet and Joker steps out and shortly after that i see Liara stepping out of the ship, Liara was with me on the final attack and i really thought that all that went with me on that final approach had died, only Anderson and Shepard survived, so how the hell did Liara end up on the Normandy??

Another thing that really surprised me, in a positive way was/is the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, it has been a long time since i found a multiplayer that was so entertaining, i am actually enjoying myself a lot with this.
I really can't wait to see where they are taking this.
I really hope we're going to see some new maps added soon, i have been playing this so much that i allready have those moments of  "not that map again".
And maybe add some new objectives while we're at it too :)

BioWare has definitely been supporting their multiplayer by putting up events, this weekend they added "operation Fortress" and i really hope they'll be keeping this up.

I really felt that in the end the gameplay was way to short, i finished the main story and all sidequests in just over 30 hours, but the multiplayer is really adding some gametime, which is never a bad thing.

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