maandag 9 april 2012

Developer Appreciation Week: inXile Entertainment

Last year i participated in this DAW "event" and so i figured i should this year :)

So when i sat down to start and think who i should write about, i pretty much came to the same conclusion as last year: BioWare.
The way they interact with their fans/players through media like twitter and of course their awesome games.
I am, as you probably know, or can tell a huge fan of BioWare.

However as i thought about it a little bit more, it came to me i really love this new kickstarter thing :)
The idea of fan funded games, making games the fans want instead of making them the way publishers want them.
I wrote about this in yesterdays post: Kickstart my heart.

For this DAW post i especially want to go with inXile Entertainment, who started the kickstarter to get Wasteland 2 going.

I am a huge Fallout fan and as such i love the idea of playing a sequal to the predecessor of the Fallout series or the Godfather of post-apocalyptic RPG's.

Eventhough i have to admit i never played the original Wasteland (yet), i played games back then on my C64 and Atari 2600 but for some reason i wasn't interrested in RPG's that much at that time, my interrest in RPG's only started when i started playing games like KOTOR.

So with Wasteland 2 this is my opportunity to redeem myself, as this game is being developed by a lot of the same people that brought us the original Wasteland.

I want to thank Brian Fargo and inXile Entertainment for reaching out to the fans for funding to get development of this game started and involve the fans in the making of this game to try and make the Wasteland sequel into a game the fans want.

Now of course this development has hardly started so maybe it is to early to praise them as there will be a development cycle of at least 18 months so there is still a long road to travel, but i guess this post isn't about that, it's about inXile reaching out to the fans to get a game made that apperantly publishers were not interrested in having made and reaching out to the fans to get the game development funded.

Now i know inXile is not the first nor the last who is using kickstarter to get their game funded, but they are making the game i am most interrested in.

So thank you Brian Fargo, inXile entertainment, Chris Avellone and Obsidian for making this happen!

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