vrijdag 20 april 2012

I wanna play my own game.

I often use Evernote to just write random stuff down, thoughts, opinions, comments or whatever, some long, some just a few words, with the intention of writing a blogpost about it.
However more often than not these notes don't turn into blogposts and stay just notes on Evernote.. For some reason i get stuck on just a few notes and hit a wall..

However this time i thought to try something new (to me) and just post a few of these notes "Bullet Points" style.

Most of these notes were about why i love the open world RPG games so much lately (been playing a lot of Skyrim) and especially games like Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion and Skyrim that feature mod options.
I even prefer to play them over MMO's lately, which hasn't happend in a long time.

  • I especially love these games because pretty much anything can be modded.
  • It gives me an almost unique game, i mean what are the chances of someone having all the same mods installed as i have.
  • I really like being able to customize a  game to my liking, being graphical, gameplay or even complete overhauls going as far as almost giving you a complete new game.
  • I'm never really done playing the game as i enjoy trying out new mods just as much as playing the game.
  • I am often amazed at  some of these mods, especially those that improve on graphics,  gameplay or overall experience. When you see what some of these mods can do to the game you start thinking the original developers where lazy or didn't care, there are mods out there that are way better than what the developers themself made in these games, making me really think that some of these modders should be hired to work on these games, i mean these modders are making this stuff in their spare time, just for fun and it looks way better than the vanilla stuff the designers made.
  • Despite being (often) negative about the devs/designers i still think they deserve a lot of credit for designing and creating such a great open world (playground) to play in and for releasing the creation tools they used to make the game so the community gets a chance to improve and expand an allready awesome game. (Note to this note: i actually intended to write a "Developer Appreciation Week" post about this but unfortianatly never got around to write this post. But who says we can only thank the devs for one week.. So there you go!)
  • I am getting more and more into the mindset of wanting to play games the way i want to play them and not how developers decide i have to play them.
  • When the game does get boring there are always new mods to try out that will sometimes even give you whole new lands to explore, new quests to do, adding a whole lot more gameplay.

Now i know this is pretty much imposible to do in MMO's/multiplayer games, however take a look at WoW and their addons. A great way to being able to customize your game close to what you'd like it to be.
And i would even go as far and say that i probably would not be playing WoW today if it wasn't for the addons.
When i started playing WoW i did not know about addons, took a 10 day trial and played for maybe 2 days and then didn't touch it for a long time, when i learned about addons  i tried it again installing some addons that installed some stuff i wanted to see in the game and i have been playing since.

See now i actually managed to turn a couple of these notes into a blogpost, maybe i should do this more often, whether or not this post makes sense.. well i'll leave that up to you :)

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