dinsdag 24 april 2012

Immersion in a RolePlayingGame

After a hard day travelling it is always good to wind down at the inn.

It is not always like that for me, i mean i enjoy my "chainmail bikini's" and skimpy armors, although i tend to get bored with them pretty fast and start looking for some armor that actually fits within the game/lore.

I mean after a while i start feeling like something isn't right, like i don't belong.

I am probably one of the very few, i mean just have a look around on the Nexus sites, my guess is that 80-90% of the armors there are very skimpy looking or hentai "inspired" armors.
Don't get me wrong though i am not critisizing those mod makers, hell some of those armors look amazing, but to me they just look like they don't belong in Skyrim.

So eventhough i will play around with those armors, i will eventually return to somthing more "lore friendly".
Some might consider the above armor to be skimpy, but i think it definitely fits within the lore, this armor is named Barbarian Armor and really fits it's name, and skimpy.. well there's the Forsworn armors or some fur armors that show even more :)

OMG, you mean you actually Roleplay in an RPG??
Well yes i guess i do :)
Not always, i mean i do use fast travel by clicking on the map markers, but there are times where i really try to roleplay. Last nights session for example i started like anyone would by fast travelling to a quest marker.

However this time my quest target was an actual moving target and seemed to avoid me, everytime i fast travelled the target had moved the opposite direction.

I actually started to enjoy that, so i jumped on my horse and started the chase, eventually catching my target.
I decided to move back to the questgiver by horse, eventhough it was half way accross the map.
Luck had it that as soon as it went dark i came across an inn, so i decided to spend the night there.

Heading out at first light to continue my journey, of course during the day i got jumped by bandits and my horse got killed, so now i am on foot.

The screenshot was taken while i travelled through Rorikstead and eventhough the day was far from over i decided to stop here and rest and stay the night for relaxation, food, drinks and a good night rest, before continuing my journey towards Whiterun.. on foot.
And with that i mean actual walking ingame, so not running, no fast travel, just walk.

And that's where i had to quit to get some IRL sleep.
So yeah i am (sometimes) roleplaying in a RolePlayingGame :)

I do sometimes try this in an mmo, but it's pretty hard to stay immersed in the game when a person runs by, jumping up and down like the next incarnation of frogger named ipwnedurmom.
Or when there are 20-30 people on top of a questgiver trying to get the same quest.
There is no, waiting in line for your turn anymore. RP servers are really just a name/categorie and mean nothing anymore.
They are probably just there so publishers can say we have them so shut up you RPers.

Sometimes i wonder if RolePlaying is just dying out because of the gimme now instant reward easy mode generation.

Oh well at least i have my sanctuary of singleplayer games where i can RP as much as i like without anyone annoying the hell out of me.


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