woensdag 8 augustus 2007


Well still doing a lof stuff i can't talk about yet, due to the NDA's, but i am still actively gaming :)

In other news....
Bad Behavior has blocked 658 access attempts in the last 7 days.

Nice to know my site security is doing a good job and stopping all kinds of malicious or illegal activities.....
Why the heck is it so important for "people" to mess with an insignificant little site like mine, that hardly has any visitors at all, let alone read any comments ???
A few spam comments still got through though, but the ip's they posted the comments from have now been banned from this site.

Sometimes i wonder why i do this, when there's more people apperantly messing with this site than actually reading stuff or even take an interrest in this.
Hmm, i guess i am just doing this for my own fun, because i want to do it, and don't care if anyone even reads the shit i put up here :)

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