woensdag 8 augustus 2007

Let's screw customers, pillage their wallets and get some booty !!

Played a little bit of Pirates of the Caribbean: the legend of Jack Sparrow....
What a bullshit game, obviously just made to get some quick cash of off a populair franchise.
This game was obviously made for console gamers, for regular pc gamers who don't own an analog stick (like me) the controls make no sence whatsoever and to make matter worse, you can't even change any of the key bindings/controller setting, the least they could have done was put some effort in this game and make it an actual PC game.
To find out about controls i had to go search the internet, cause there's no mention in game about what keys to use to do your specials (or even what specials you have) or how to perform certain actions, all you get are symbols (like on console) and an onscreen message about using your analog stick (i mean WTF i am not using one!!!), your mouse pointer is invisible and won't do a damn thing in game and is basicly only used to execute an attack, all other things have to be done by using keys, but if you don't know what keys to push to use them.. (ok i found the WASD keys to move around, at least they got that right).
The box i bought was a "Ubisoft Exclusive" (thought with Ubisoft you can't go wrong) without any manual whatsoever, not even a pdf file or something on the cd.
Combined with a load of bugs, this is the last time i played this game, what a waste of money...
The people producing such crap should have take note of another game i played today.

Tortuga: Two Treasures
Now this is how gameplay should be !

So far i haven't reached very far in this game, but it has been a lot of fun.
Basicly i can be short about this game :)
I'm gonna have loads of fun playing this one!

OK, now back to beta :)

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