zaterdag 25 augustus 2007

Starting over.


Only have a few days left on my account, until i finally get Station access running, i won't be playing Vanguard after that.
I filed a customer support ticket because of the problems i am having getting my subscriptions upgraded to station access.
I am still waiting (5 days so far) for a "tier 2 specialist" to respond to my ticket .

Anyway, decided to roll a new character on Vanguard, with my main (lvl 14 high-elf Bard) i seem to be stuck on questing, don't know where to go, what to do next...
Maybe i missed a quest somewhere..
Plus i am not very happy with playing a bard, so i rolled a new character, a human necromancer.
Hopefully i can keep going on the questline with this one..

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