vrijdag 18 januari 2008

Frontlines: Fuel of War


Played the Frontlines: Fuel of War demo on the Xbox360.
Have to say this game looks really good, looks like there's a nice story in single player mode and it reminds me somewhat of Battlefield 2 (which i liked but without a nice single player mode i hardly play it anymore).
Didn't like the controls on the Xbox360 though, but that may be because i am used to aiming with the mouse and using a keyboard, so for me PC is the way to go with FPS'

Really think it's wierd they allready released a demo on the Xbox360 and not on the PC (personally i think the market for FPS is much bigger on the PC, but i might be wrong), but anyway i decided to pre-order the game for the PC and can't wait to start playing :)

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