dinsdag 29 januari 2008

Virginworlds Podcast reaches 100 episodes


One of the best MMO podcasts around reached 100 shows.

Awesome job Brent !!

Show 100 just launched as an almost 3 hour epic.

I can't remember when i started listening to this podcast (probably somewhere early 2006) but i do know it was the second podcast ever i started listening to (my first podcast was SWG wit Yivvits and MrBubble) and i am pretty sure virginworlds got me into listening to podcasts and podcasts is pretty much all i use my Ipod for nowadays.

If you haven't listened to Virginworlds, go there now at www.virginworlds.com or download it through iTunes.

Talking about podcasts i am listening to, well i posted a list a couple of months ago, here's my current list of podcasts i am listening to:

Another Here
Buzz Out Loud
CAG Foreplay
EGM Live
EQual Perspectives
The Force-Cast
Game Over
GFW Radio
The Mealstrom Podcast
Massively Online Gamer
Oh My God Real Life
The Online Gamer's Anthology
Short Attention Gamer
Shut Up. We're Talking
SOE Official Podcast
Star Wars Action News
Star Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and MrBubble
this Week in TECH
Tiki Bar TV
The Global Geek Podcast
Voyages of Vanguard
The Jesters Court
The Wife-aggro.com Podcast
Witty Ranter

These are all great podcasts that i enjoy listening to, i am pretty sure you'll find something interresting in there (if you're not allready listening to some of them), you can find them all in iTunes or (for most of them) just go to the virginworlds podcast collective (here), if you don't use/have iTunes.

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