maandag 7 januari 2008

The Witcher


Still playing The Witcher, still lots of fun and a great story.
Have to say i didn't expect much from it but it's been awesome so far, i'm about 22 hours into it and apperantly it has about 40 hours of gameplay, so there's still plenty to do :)

Combat might be considered to easy for some, it's just a matter of clicking at the right time to "activate" special moves, but i like it that way, i'm more into the story than into combat, i view the combat just as a means to finish a mission.
Have to say though that my last fight against the golem sentry took forever and way too long.


I am actually thinking about playing this game again once i finish it as i think i have missed some stuff allready, but than again that might not happen as i have way to many games laying around that i still have to play/finish.

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