zaterdag 26 januari 2008

The Ultimate Quest: an update

I have been thinking a bit about how i am going to do this, as i think i would be punishing myself by not allowing myself to play any new games before finishing all of the old ones. I don't want to punish myself but i do want to stimulate myself to finish some games.

There are quite a number of games coming out that i am anxiously waiting for (like Rock Band, no it's not out over here or Frontlines: Fuel of War) and with my "playlist" being so huge it would take forever before i could play any of the new games.

So what i was thinking is, i am going to allow myself to play a new game when i finish at least 3 games from my list, so that way, when i add a new title to my "playlist" at least the list goes down by 2 games.

I think this is pretty reasonable, i should be able to finish 3 games within a pretty short period and play the latest games shortly after i get them and it will eventually result in a much shorter list.

Why am i putting this up on my blog, well by putting it here i can't cheat myself :)
It's out in public so i am somewhat "forced" to commit myself to it, 'cause it's pretty obvious i haven't finished most of my games before starting a new one eventhough i was getting annoyed by the huge stack of games that needed to be finished.
About 2 months ago i started by seperating my games and made a pile of the "unfinished" games, so that i knew which games i still needed to finish, with the intend to finish them...

I made a list way back in October last year which was allready an attempt at telling myself i need to finish these games and by looking at that list, i noticed i haven't really finished any of those games in there.

So now that it is up on my blog i will hopefully "force" myself to finish a large part of games from that list.

I also need to give a shout out to Brenden at Another Here, basicly his "The Month of Less is More" gave me the idea to start this, so Brenden, Thanks.

BTW: i did notice i finished at least one game this year: Call of Duty 4 :)
But i am not going to count this one in, so i'll still have to finish 3 games before i get to pick a new one.

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