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Age of Conan: a dying age?

AgeOfConan 2008-07-28 22-51-38-64

I love Age of Conan but not right now....
Funny thing, when launching the game you see a message by Funcom, saying they have fixed some memory leaks.
Now i don't know what they mean by fixing, but i hardly ever had any problems at all, not even in beta, but now i am lucky if i can play one hour straight.
Mostly however i crash several times an hour on an "out of memory error" with the occasional lockup (where only the mouse pointer moves but the rest of my system is completely unresponsive) or crash that totally messes up my computer.

Now i have a pretty highend gaming rig (can play Crysis with highest settings without too much problems), far above the recommended system specs, yet the game does not run without problems anymore.

Funcom whatever changes you made, undo them !!! because you are fucking up my game.
And i am not the only one, a couple of searches showed me that lots of people are having the same problems.

Right now i am pretty close to cancelling my subscription, the only thing holding me back (for now) is my love for this game and my (little) hopes of Funcom fixing their fuckups.

I really love this game so if i do cancel i will probably wait for 6 months or so before getting back to check things out, but i will be back (i think).

Signs Age of Conan is about to crash: first your world map turns grey (no landscape, only waypoints and quest markers), then your radar turns grey, then.. just wait a little and.... you start swearing (well i do anyway).

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