donderdag 24 juli 2008

Hellgate Addiction

Hellgate_mp_dx9_x86 2008-07-22 10-12-16-67

The last couple of days (since my last post) i have been completely addicted to Hellgate London, been playing like crazy, it's been a lot of fun and have been playing both Single and multi player.
In single player i have created chars in every class and they're all fun to play.
In multiplayer i had only been playing a marksman, actually marksman was all i had played until a few days ago, starting a fresh character (guardian) actually made me feel like i was playing a whole new game (eventhough the missions are the same).

I was considering a subscription so i could check out the subscriber content, but they have stopped taking subscribers because of the current problems with Flagship studios.
I am somewhat in doubt if i should invest a lot of time in my multiplayer chars as there is no telling what's going to happen with the game/servers.

BTW: what actually draw my attention back to Hellgate was a game trailer i watched (that i haden't seen before), that video really sparked my interrest again :)

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