donderdag 31 juli 2008

Still exploring Hyboria

AgeOfConan 2008-07-30 05-09-01-98

Well i am still trying to play Age of Conan, so far i have been able to prevent crashes/lockups by logging out and restarting the game as soon as i see my map or radar turning grey, i only had one crash that i didn't see coming by greyed out maps or anything and that happend during a loading screen.

The logging off/restarting is, of course, far from a good solution, especially if your maps turn grey when in the middle of a mission/instance.
The idea of having a crash just when your about to clear the instance......

Have to admit that in my last post i was a bit angry, but i do mean evrything i said, they should fix it.
I will still be playing Age of Conan for a while as i use gamecards and there still quite a bit of time left on my current card.
However i still have an unopened card that i am not sure about if i am going to open it if they haven't fixed the bugs.

Yesterday's gaming session really convinced me that Age of Conan is currently the MMO i like/want to play, i just love the combat and the world of Hyboria is just awesome.
I really don't mind bugs, i just want to game without (having to worry about) crashing (i have to say, apart from the game crashes, i have yet to find any bug or maybe the ones i did encounter didn't bother me enough to remember them).

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