zaterdag 26 juli 2008

Watch me game live!!

I have been messing around with Ustream and some software and i am now able to stream my gaming straight to Ustream.
Unfortianatly i haven't managed to get the sound working, well it works but not ingame sounds :(

So whenever i am gaming (and streaming) you can watch me on this blog, the video has been added to the sidebar.

Live streaming video by Ustream
When it says offline, well than i am offline or not streaming :)
Don't know if someone would actually be interrested in watching me game but i thought it was a lot of fun to stream it, I don't really have a "gaming schedule",so if you're interrested keep an eye out for when i am online/streaming.
Or you could follow me on Twitter, i'll try to get a tweet out when i start streaming.

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