maandag 29 maart 2010

Once again, back to Hyboria

AgeOfConan 2010-03-28 19-39-07-82
Morenn in front of the guild city.

The last few days i have been getting back into Age of Conan.
Everytime i return to the game i really find it to be a lot of fun, yet i hardly play it, eventhough i have a full year subscription to it.

This time however i am trying to step it up a bit and really get into it.
I have joined a guild, which is something i haven't done in years, last time i was in a guild was back in Star Wars Galaxies.
The guild i joined is called, -The Dark Knights of Death-, i basicly used the "looking for guild" tool and they were the first to invite me so i joined :)
A guild city definatly adds to the gameplay and i do hope that being part of a guild will encourage me to play more often.

I have also picked up on gathering and crafting, i leveled all but one gathering skill up to the max for my level, which is currently lvl 67.
Next i also worked on my gemcutting skills, which is currently maxed to my lvl and i have started to work on architect, which is quite an expensive profession, so i am now broke :)

I also need to work on my gear, which is currently not as good as it could be, i though i had bought some decent crafted gear, but apperantly i made a wrong choice (see pic).
I basicly just choose this gear because it looked different than the standard (boring) gear and didn't really look at stats.

Gear is something that really annoys me, i mean my char has been wearing the same gear for almost all of her 67 levels, it all looks the same level after level, just a variation in color or long sleeves, short sleeves, long skirt or short skirt. I mean i know AoC claimed to have over 1500 armor sets ingame, well so far i have not seen them anywhere, the NPC's seem to have plenty variation but for the player it's just the same old, same old. Major dissapointment!
Needless to say that my barbarian, doesn't look much like a barbarian at all.

For now i am basicly doing a lot of gathering, some of the materials sell pretty well on the trader so i can make some gold to buy better gear and to advance my architect profession.

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  1. Think i'm level 67ish too on my POM. If you'd ever like to team up or need help with a group quest, let me know on Sozzals :)

  2. I think the issue with the "multitudes" of armor was they hid them all away in dungeons or instances. Then the drop rate is quite awful, that only those who wish to grind for weeks or months get the "good looking" armor.
    If you can find a group, enter those instances or try any zone on "hard" mode. This also gets unique drops.
    To get an idea of what you may be missing, check out my post on Age of Conan gear.