zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Free Roaming

Lately i have been having a lot of fun again in games like Just Cause 2 and Saints Row 2 and it really made me think about what it is that i am enjoying so much in them.
Well it basicly came down to "free roaming". Having a huge world at your disposal and go wherever you want to go to explore or do whatever you want to do.

I also think this is one of the main reasons for me to play MMO's, having this huge world to explore and have adventures in, however in MMO's you are often limited by levels, which i think is a major dissapointment.

It has happend often to me, that i would wonder of into the world to explore only to suddenly find myself surrounded by mobs that can one shot me, kill me on sight. Of course than starts the (very) annoying task of trying to get out of there in one piece, back to an area where my character can actually survive.

I really wish MMO's could be more "Free Roaming", no more levels (or everything scaled down/up to your level), so that you can actually explore everything and do whatever you like and enjoy the world for what it is, as i am pretty sure that all games have their areas, those moments where you actually stop what you're doing and enjoy what you are seing in front of you, without being constantly attacked.

I guess that is why i keep going back to games like Saints Row 2, so that i can actually enjoy a big world without boundaries, without level restrictions and just have fun, afterall isn't that why we play games?

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