zondag 31 juli 2011

Failure is not an option

Why are so many people/bloggers claiming certain games will fail?
Why are there people who wish games to fail?

When Tabula Rasa shut down, there were people (bloggers) almost celebrating, claiming they knew it al along and the "i told you so's" where everywhere.
Personally i was heartbroken, as for me this was the game i loved playing.
Yet, all along it's (short) lifespan Tabula Rasa had many people who were yelling for failure.

What people don't seem to understand is that every game has people playing it and loving it, i am sure Auto Assault had it's dedicated players, The Matrix Online did and i am sure Star Wars Galaxies has it's share of dedicated players (i used to be one of them, yet i am sad to see it close).
Yet many people seem almost happy to see the games close down.

Is it because they are being childish, and they don't want other people to have fun with toys they don't like/enjoy?
To me it feels that way, i mean why would you care if GameX closes down or not.., you don't like it? Fine move on to the next game and let those who enjoy it play it.
And to me this goes for any/every game out there, even if i don't play it or like it, why would i wanna see it fail, see it close down? I don't play it, i don't care about it, so why should i wish for it to fail?

Recently i have seen some bloggers posting how they feel about WAR and wanting it to see closed down.
It just doesn't make sense to me, let other people have fun with what they enjoy.

I can't stop thinking that in some way even the blogging comunity might be partly to blame for this, i mean if there are a whole bunch of "top" bloggers writing about how much a game sucks and how big a of a failure a game is, readers are going to pick up on it, often people not even playing the game and that's gonna spread like wildfire, i mean look at the SOE/SWG witchhunt not too long ago, many people claiming SOE/SWG sucked had not even touched an SOE game, they just followed on the hype that was started.

I mean when you haven't played a game yourself yet and all you read on blogs/twitter/forums about it is stuff from people who are being negative, you might start to think a game sucks and not even try it, but the game could just be awesome and just what you were always looking for, but if you don't try it because, well one of those "famous" bloggers told you it sucked, you will never know.

In my opinion, even if a game has only a few thousand players, it's still worth having around, simply for the fact that people love/enjoy playing it.
There is no need to call for it's closure or failure, you don't like it, fine move on and let those that enjoy it play their game.
What can you possibly gain from a game shutting down? The pleasure of people not being able to play their game?, the pleasure of devs losing their jobs??

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  1. Same goes for games that aren't even released yet. People haven't even played them and they cry fail. What is the point? Do they hope a developer goes homeless and can't provide for their family? Why can't people just say, "hey, I don't like the game but I'm sure somebody does." and move on to what they do like. Blogging is about passion not getting hits through tags that draw hate. Sick of the negative blogging style.

  2. Glad i am not the only one sick of all that negative shit.
    I have allready stopped following a lot of blogs recently because i just got tired reading the same negative stuff over and over.

    When i read a blog i wanna be entertained/amused/informed, not fueled with hatred and negativity, but i do often think they're just doing it for hits/followers.
    Then again if that's the "type" of followers they want...., i would rather not have those "type" of followers/readers.

    Maybe they do forget that people make a living from these games, so when a game gets shutdown they loose their job.
    But i guess those bloggers rather feed the trolls, than see devs feeding their families.

  3. People are ridiculous and mean. There used to be a sense of community in MMOs of people who were just thrilled to not be playing text-based games anymore. Maybe it's just that people are so spoiled because there are so many game options now that they've become entitled to believing everything revolves around them. "Game doesn't have the features that I want? Then it sucks. I am almighty and know what's best, so clearly only my favorite games are good!" or maybe like I said earlier, people are just mean and more and more people are online nowadays. :/