vrijdag 29 juli 2011

Patience My Young Goblin.

WoW 2011-07-29 03-48-43-99

My character has been pretty much parked at the same (camping) spot for almost a month now, trying to get the Time-Lost Proto Drake, but so far he is pretty illusive and i have not seen him (dead or alive).
Since i had mail in my mailbox that was about to expire i had to take a quick trip to K9 for a mailbox and while flying there i spotted a dragon flying over K9, unfortianatly it was not the TLPD but Vyragosa again, but decided to kill it anyway :)

After picking up my mail i decided to do a quick flyby over a few of the other spawns for rares, and guess what, within 8 minutes i spotted Skoll and tamed him.
Another cool looking spirit beast added to my stables.

Still hoping for some more luck and get that TLPD...

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