maandag 4 juli 2011

Feeding the beast

A lot of the talk about WoW hunters is often about their bond with their pets and i have often thought about that myself.
Way back when i started playing as a Beast Master Hunter, i really felt somekind of bond, as you had to feed your pet to keep it happy, sure as long as your pet was killing stuff he/she was fine and happy, but if you stood around for a while in town, your pet would become unhappy and you'd have to feed him and it felt great to see his mood go up to happy after feeding him.

Every pet had it's own kind of food and feeding him felt a lot like in real life, it always feels nice feeding your pets, especially giving them treats :)
Heck i even gave "treats" to my pet ingame every now and then by giving some extra food if i felt he deserved it, eventhough the extra food did absolutely nothing ingame.

At a certain point Blizzard changed this and with certain glyphs you no longer had to feed your pet, just keep him fighting and he'd be happy, if his happiness dropped for whatever reason you just hit Mend Pet and he'd be happy again.
Now you could still say this kinda gave you a bond with your pet, if you saw the mend pet ability as a "pet on the back" kind of thing. It still required some interaction with your pet.

With all of the changes now, you no longer have to do anything. Your pet will entertain itself and is always happy, even if you stand around doing nothing forever.

Now i don't say this is a problem but it also means there is no real interaction with you pet anymore, besides telling it to attack or to follow.
The pet has basicly become part of the hunter's gear or a spell, sure it still follows you around like a loyal pet, but no more interaction with your pet is required so now more than ever it feels like the pet is just an extension to the hunter's weapon and no longer the hunter's trusty sidekick and companion.
Sure occasionally you might have to hit mend pet when fighting mobs, but that happens very rarely.

Still every now and then i hit mend pet when it's not needed or give him some food, just as a way to say thanks to my pet for doing a good job.
I know it makes no sense, but it makes me feel good :)

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