zondag 10 juli 2011

Time-Lost Goblin

Funny, how obsessed one can become.
When i started camping for the Time-Lost Proto Drake i had done enough "research" into it to know that it was not gonna be a quick one but now with over 2 weeks of camping a spawn spot for at least 4-5 hours a day (sometimes more) i start to feel like i wanna give up and start playing the game again, cause that's what it is starting to feel like, i am no longer playing the game.
Sure i have had a few spawns, i killed Vyragosa 3 times now, but the illusive TLPD is not showing itself.

It's not that i am absolutely bored, i mean, i would be if i would spent my time staring at the screen and seeing that same mountain side for hours on end, instead i started using the hours camping to listen to podcasts, reading books, i allready finished Warcraft: Lord of the Clans and Warcraft: The Last Guardian and now started reading The Shattering and i have been reading blogs and wrote some blogpost while camping (like this one) or just browsing the internet.

But on one hand i just wanna give up and go play the game again (or play some other game), but on the other hand i keep saying myself you allready invested so much time in this and giving up now would be stupid, i mean i know it's just a matter of time and some luck to be online when he spawns, i mean for all i know he could have spawned several times while i wasn't logged in. And then there is the fact that he has 4 spawn spots and i am covering one, with a 25% change of him spawning at me and i have a view of one other spawn spot that if no one else is there i could catch him flying around (how i got the third Vyragosa kill)

After spending so much time on this it would really feel like time wasted if i would stop now without getting him, but on the other side i have no idea how long i will still be camping for him, one of my guildies said he camped him for a month (i didn't ask how much time a day he camped,as i didn't wanna know), so i could be camping for another 2 weeks or maybe even longer.

I am pretty sure that once i do get him i will think of this as al worth it afterall he is a very rare spawn, but i am also thinking, i am never going to do this again. I don't want to waste time standing around doing nothing for days/weeks camping a spawn, i know there's a few more that give mounts, but after this one i am done :)

Now i know this is all starting to sound like an obsession, however i would rather say i am tenacious about getting him, i just don't wanna give up now.

Allright i am off camping, hoping for a quick spawn..

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