woensdag 17 februari 2010

Mount up for Mount & Blade

mount&blade 2010-02-13 14-41-04-86

I've been playing lots of Mount & Blade lately and have to say i forgot how much fun this game was.

I started playing this game in December 2008 and even claimed that for me it was the game of the year
But funny thing was shortly after i started playing i went on a vacation and never actually touched the game since..

Recently the game was on sale at Steam for 5 Euro and since i had to reinstal the game anyway, because i upgraded to Windows 7, i figured i would get it on Steam (i originally bought it on Direct2Drive).

I still stand by my post and say it was the game of the year and i really recommend getting it, as it is worth it.
At first you might be put off by the graphics, i was at first, but give it a few hours and you might really enjoy it.

The mounted combat in this game is simply amazing and a lot of fun. You'd think that after fighting so many battles it might become boring, but for me i am still enjoying every battle, that's just how much fun this game is.

The graphics don't look like much (although the game has it's moments), but the gameplay is so good that i don't even notice the graphics that much and for me that's a sign of a good game, as sometimes the graphics do make or break a game for me.
When the gameplay is not that good and the graphics start to bother me, that's usually a sign for me.

Now to wait for the Mount & Blade Warband expansion, coming March 30th!

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