dinsdag 23 februari 2010

The ship seems to be holding together captain!

Star Trek Online 2010-02-20 03-35-34-61

Star Trek Online has pleasantly surprised me, since launch the game has definatly been running better on my computer.
The crashing problems seem to have completely dissapeared and i am running the game on pretty decent settings without problems while before i had to seriously turn down the settings to keep the game from locking up.

So whatever they did, they seem to have fixed my problems, great job Cryptic!

Only small things right now is the occasional "server not responding" message, which has not been a major issue as it usually connects anyway, just takes a little longer and some lag/rubberbanding while in a solo (ground) mission.
But other than that the game is running great and it has been a lot of fun, so far i have no regrets getting the lifetime sub as this is really a game i would like to keep playing :)

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