donderdag 4 februari 2010

I am sad i finished Dragon Age

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I finished Dragon Age Origins and i am kind of sad.
I really enjoyed the game but i am sad because you can't continue playing after you defeated the Archdemon.

According to my achievements i finished 75% of the game.

I can start up the game with my character that finished the game, but the only cities/regions i can access are the DLC locations, but since i allready completed those during the normal playthrough, there is nothing to do anymore, no fighting, no exploring.

Really wish i could just continue playing it, but i guess i'll have to start a new game..

I think this is a really bad choise, especially if it's such an awesome game.
You spend a lot of time developing/leveling your character and can't go back to play.

I hated Fallout 3 for it (although i still played it) until they changed it so you could keep exploring after finishing the main storyline, in fact i went out of my way to not finish it.

I also really enjoyed the fact that in Mass Effect 2, you can import your character from Mass Effect 1, so it kinda feels like you continue to play with your first character.

Now of course, Dragon Age Awakening is coming (and i allready pre-ordered), so i'll have something to look forward to, i (on purpose) haven't read or watched anything about it, but i do hope i can continue to play it with my current character..

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  1. I was devestated when it was all over. On the bright side though - Dragon Age 2 now has a release date, albeit far away (Feb 2011), but at least it's something to look forward to :)