vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Lifetime subs, the way to go!

After recently purchasing my second lifetime subscribtion (to Star Trek Online, I allready own a lifetime sub to Lord of the Rings Online), I am really starting to think about cancelling (all) monthly subscriptions.

Lifetime subs, I think are really the way to go for MMO's.

Personally I really like the idea of paying once and just being able to play whenever i want/like without worrying on whether or not I payed my subscription.
Although you're paying a large amount of money at the start, I really think in the end it's worth it.

You're showing the Devs you trust them by commiting yourself to their game when it comes out and to trust their "vision" of the game in the long run.
It's also very save to say you're gonna be buying any expansions they'll put out in the future.

Now I know people are gonna claim that servers will have to be paid for, well look at Guild Wars, they seem to be doing ok with just the amount of money they get from box sales (and of course RMT) and their expansions. So there must be a way to make it work for MMO's as well.

I really think it's just a way of having an easy money tree.
Players are simply forced to pay up or they're not playing.

I think the way Hellgate: London did it was awesome (or at least better), you could pay for a subscription to play online, as in MMO, but if you didn't want that, you could still play the game offline as single player.
Of course Hellgate London also showed the risk of getting a lifetime sub, when the game shuts down, your lifetime is gone..

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