zondag 7 november 2010

Dragon Age: Finally Awake

Way back i started playing Dragon Age: Awakening and i got lots of crashes from the start. Initially turning of some mods fixed it, but when i got a bit further along into the quest line, to the point were i was thrown into "The Fade" i would get a crash no matter what as soon as i got around the first corner and started that second fight (you have the first fight after the cut scene).

The game would simply crash to the desktop, no matter how many times i tried and as a result i haven't touched Dragon Age since, eventhough i loved the game.

Yesterday i figured i would try to play again, hoping that there might have been some fixes in a patch or something, but no luck, as soon as i got into that particular fight the game would crash again.

After some google searching and reading through posts on forums i did however found something that made sence, apperantly it's much like the problems i had with WoW, "too much" memory in my system (Win7 64-bit 4g ram), or in other words, the game client is designed to run with 2g ram and as soon as it gets over that the game simply crashes, eventhough my system can run with 4g.

This post/thread here actually had the thing that fixed it for me.
I used a program called CFF Eplorer, that has a "patch" to make the game client work with 4gigs of memory and for now i have to say it fixed the problem, i am now getting past that dreaded fight and am able to continue.

I haven't had a lot of time yet to play more so i still have to see in the long run how it does (if there's a memory leak in the game it's bound to crash later on), but finally getting past that fight without crashing felt like a huge victory.

I still can't believe it was so easy to fix, after all i tried (like re-installing etc.), all it needed was a little patch to the .EXE file, basicly a few seconds work.

Now to play the rest of the story of Awakenings and all the DLC after it (hopefully).

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  1. I hope you get it sorted, it really is an awesome game. I found it totally addicted - was unable to move from my PC for a few days until I'd completed it, then i wanted to play it again...

  2. Yeah i know, it's an awesome game and luckily i played through Origins without problems and absolutely loved it, ever since Awakenings i started having these problems, so i really hope this fixes it so i can get my Dragon Age fix again, i need it :)