donderdag 25 november 2010

War... War never changes, but Warcraft does

The end came faster than i realised.
I had been thinking about possible locations to log out before the patch would hit and the whole world (of Warcraft) would change, but i was so busy doing the Pilgrim's quests that i completely forgot. So when the server shutdown message popped up i realised it was too late..
I had plans of logging out i Thousand Needles, but since there was no time left and i was at Undercity i simply walked outside and waited for the server shutdown.


Hoping for some big changes i logged back in today and found myself inside the Ruins of Lordearon instead of outside.


Just to see the changes i of course immediatly went outside, and sure enough, not really breathtaking (Undercity doesn't seem to have changed much).


So "the end" was not as spectacular as i had hoped (i never did get the beta client running so i had no idea about the changes) but still fun, and i think it will be a lot of fun exploring the world again to see the changes.

I am definatly liking the new look of Orgrimmar, looks amazing!



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