maandag 22 november 2010

Reborn into Cyrodiil

Oblivion 2010-11-17 23-53-47-48

Over the weekend i have been playing nothing but Oblivion.
Now this game wouldn't be half as much fun without mods, so a lot of that time was spent trying out and looking for mods, i used to have a lot of mods installed but since i installed Win7 i had to re-install and just to aoid the whole path of installing from disk searching and downloading/installing updates and patches for the game and it's DLC i opted to buy the whole thing (GOTY edition) on Steam.
I do still have my old savegames but from what i remember i used to have a lot of crashing issues with those and did not want to go through the troubles of trying to find all the old mods and try to fix the problems to be able to play, so instead i went with a new game and new mods.

The only mods that i previously used and installed now are Glenvar Castle a really great and fun questline that leads to you becoming the owner of a great looking castle with lots of hidden secrets, i also installed the Lost Spires a mod that ads a new guild to the game and a whole range of quests/dungeon crawling.

A few of the new ones i installed and like to mention, as you can see in the screenshot i went with a new race (and yes it is a night elf) that came from a great mod called Xenius Race Compilation, another great mod is Castle West Weald a great looking castle, the only "downside" is you don't own the castle but can only buy three rooms in it to call your own, but the castle looks absolutly stunning, has a really great feel when walking around in it.

Next to that i have installed many mods that add to the world, more travelling npc's, UI improvements, graphic enhancements, complete overhauls (like Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul), a nice mod called OblivionXP that lets you earn XP for killing mobs, reading books and finishing quests (much like you see in MMO's).

Needless to say that this is what makes a game(or in particular this game) great, you can basicly mod the game to your liking and when you're bored with it you can simply remove mods or ad new mods to the game, this is really what i miss the most when playing an MMO, now i know WoW comes pretty close with it's addons (that's one of the reasons i do like WoW) but still..

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