donderdag 11 november 2010

Into Oblivion

After finishing Dragon Age, or all the DLC to be more precise, i felt a bit let down. Somehow most of it was fun but especially when it came to Witch Hunt i felt like, "was this really neccessary?".
All along it felt like it was leading up to something and when i found Morrigan i thought, now things are going to start... but nope cue credits..
To this moment i still don't really know what i learned here or what the story was about, other than trying to find Morrigan, no revelations, no surprises, nothing..

Anyway while playing i felt like doing a completely new playthrough of Dragon Age from the start, but after finishing Dragon Age i actually felt like re-installing Oblivion :)

Oblivion 2010-11-09 02-39-23-06

Since my old saves were corrupt (constant crashing) and i didn't have all addons that i use to run with the game i decided to roll a new character and do a new playthrough and i have to say that i still enjoy Oblivion a lot, i really enjoy going where ever i wanna go instead of feeling like i am on rails (like Dragon Age), i can follow the questline(s) or just go wandering around in the world and see what crosses my path.

Since starting this new game i have allready discovered some locations that i had never seen before despite the fact that i have allready spend over 170 hours on Oblivion, that combined with the many great addons/mods out there still make it a really great game to play.

I am stil very excited for Dragon Age 2, but for now i am perfectly happy playing Oblivion :)

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